A simple guide to setup Atomizer with Node.js.

Install Atomizer

You can leverage the same libraries that the cli uses to integrate Atomizer in your project. The Atomizer npm package exports an Atomizer class that you can use to parse config and generate Atomizer CSS.

npm i atomizer -D

Sample integration code

Below is an example of a programmatic approach to integrating with Atomizer.

import Atomizer from 'atomizer';

const defaultConfig = {
    breakPoints: {
        sm: '@media(min-width:750px)',
        md: '@media(min-width:1000px)',
        lg: '@media(min-width:1200px)'
    custom: {
        border: '2px dotted #f00'

// Initialize the class
const atomizer = new Atomizer({verbose: true});

// Parse text to find Atomizer CSS classes
const foundClasses = atomizer.findClassNames('<div class="P(10px) M(20%) Bd(border)--sm"></div>');

// Generate Atomizer configuration from an array of Atomic classnames
const finalConfig = atomizer.getConfig(foundClasses, defaultConfig);

// Generate Atomic CSS from configuration
const css = atomizer.getCss(finalConfig);